Photographer in Vietnam – Studio and INLÊN Photo Gallery at Ho Chi Minh city Featured Post

This site presents my photographic work and propose an online shop which sells black and white or color fine art photography at an affordable price. My main purpose is to share a common passion for photography.

Snapshot and Storytelling

Like any art, a picture is the result of a work that combines technology and creativity. In particular, the photographer must be immersed in the study area. He is constantly interacting with his subject. The result depends on his ability to feel this unique moment of shooting. In this way, each photo and each photographer are unique despite a mechanical tool.

My methodology uses a storytelling approach whithin photo series which allows an better understanding, visually and conceptually.

About me

Born in 1968 in Saigon (Vietnam), I navigate between european and asian cultures. Specialized in communication, media and image, I am now established as a free-lance photographer in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). My work focuses on the documentation of contemporary life in South-East Asia and Asia.

For the technical part, I’m also consultant at DxO Labs Image Science, leader in the digital image industrie and editor of DxO Optics Pro and FilmPack imaging software.


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Last works selection Featured Post

You can find on this page my last works selection. As I’m involved in multiple projects, I will try to update this page with the differents kind of pictures I produce.
 I always put a new and  personal vision, mainly based on the lighting which is the key for a professional work.

Interiors, restaurants, real estate

People, portraits

Corporate and image databank


Events and liveshows

Studio packshot, food and cooking, …

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Exhibition UNIFORM – Galerie Inlen Photo Dazibao

UNIFORM  exhibition presents the unusual view of two photographers Thy Tran and Quang Lam on the fashion industry.

Clothing is one of the first need for human being. Therefore it has evolved into a self-expression mean to tell specific stories about local culture.

Nowadays fashion brands have pervasive strategies which create a common taste easier to understand and control



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Museums in Vietnam, the feeling of emptiness

Texte et photos de Quang Lam published in the Guide magazine, Almanac 2014

The first museums in Vietnam were built by the French, who were keen to justify their presence in Indochina by developing a cultural policy that expressed the benefits of colonization.

They were dedicated to archaeological preservation, following recent excavations of Khmer art and Cham treasures in the region.

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Editorial – Coffee from Dalat, in search for the brown gold

Article and photos by Quang Lam, published in the Guide magazine, issue August 2014

Quality is the focus of a new coffee production chain aimed at bringing the best out of every bean. Quang Lam
The French introduced coffee plantations in Vietnam in the 19th century and the country has since become one of the world’s major producers. This leading position, however, is not reflected in the quality of its coffee.

In recent years many coffee shops have attempted to stand out by displaying either a known brand or displaying coffee grains for all to see, as if seeing the actual product was some guarantee of quality for customers. But from flavour to hygiene, the path to high quality coffee is more complex than simple repackaging and the production chain as a whole must be considered


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Editorial – Romance at Dalat Railways Station

Text and photos by Quang Lam published in the Guide Magazine, April 2014

Recently a film that’s both a romantic comedy and a ghost story was released in theaters around Vietnam on Valentine’s Day. It is not a coincidence that the director chose the city of Dalat for the setting of the film. This old city was founded in 1907 and still retains its special atmosphere, evidenced by the sight of opulent villas amid forests of pine trees surrounding Xuan Huong Lake.

A feeling of being in a bygone era is particularly deep when visiting the city’s train station.


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Charming house – Publication in Robb Report Magazine

Une maison à la campagne is a private property built in 2002 by the architect Thai Truong Thanh in Cu Chi, near Ho Chi Minh City.

The architecture is inspired by the colonial style, around a long pool providing a relaxing freshness. A house in the traditional Vietnamese style closes the space with a lily pond in the backyard.

Within 1 hour from the center of Saigon, it is ideal resting place for a weekend “in the countryside” from the bustling city.

These photos were taken for the magazine Robb Report – Edition Vietnam, the  “Luxury Lifestyle Magazine” in an issue devoted to real estate.







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Editorial and photos – Road movie through the Vietnamese landscapes

Text and photos by Quang Lam published in the the Guide, February 2014

“The period of Tet is also the season of blockbusters Vietnamese films, usually comedies that draw in all generations of a family to theatres. For the first time in the country, the genre known as the “road movie” ha found his way on to the screen.  “Tèo Em”, directed by Charlie Nguyễn, depicts the adventures of two brothers travelling 150km from HCMC to the town of Sadec in the Delta Mekong,
This genre allows the director to let the characters evolve as they face events that arise at different places of the story. The background of landscapes becomes an essential component of the film, expressing the desire for freedom of the heroes.


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Editorial – Social entrepreneurship in Vietnam

Article by Quang Lam published in the magazine Tuoi Tre Cuoi Tuan, January 10th, 2014

“Conscious Realities program (2013-2016) organized by the art space San Art, aims to stimulate the creative spirit in Vietnam through conferences and workshops in group with people from very different fields.
There are not only artists but also engineers, architects, journalists, entrepreneurs. Everyone can find other ways of thinking and acting different from their daily work environment.
I met Rachael Carson is a founding member of Fashion4Freedom a ‘social’ business based in the region of Hue, and New York.

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Editorial and photos – Focus on contemporary dance in Vietnam

Text published in the Guide, cultural magazine from Vietnam Economics News. October 2013
“As a photographer, the stage is one of my favourite subjects because it is a magical world with its actors and costumes, its decor, and its lights as continual visual inspiration. Dance adds another challenge: movement to be caught in a frame.

The first dance scenes in Vietnam can be found on the famous Dong Song drums, the oldest dating back more than 2,500 years. It is common to distinguish Vietnamese folk dances and dances from the imperial court in Hue. Beside the traditional forms, well-established and visible in all cultural festivals, has emerged another stream called contemporary dance, which is pushed by more individual actors.



Photos on contemporary dance in Vietnam

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