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Written on 13 July 2016, 00.00
exposition-uniform-galerie-inlen-photo-dazibao UNIFORM  exhibition presents the unusual view of two photographers Thy Tran and Quang Lam on the fashion industry.Clothing is one of the first need for human being. Therefore it has evolved into a self-expression mean to tell specific stories about local culture.Nowadays fashion brands have...
Written on 04 April 2015, 00.00
pink-martini-vietnam-saigon-tour-pour-lassociation-poussieres-de-vie Texte publié dans l'hebdomadaire Tuoi Tre. Avril 2015 Pink Martini  est originaire de Portland, ville considérée comme la plus conviviale des Etats-Unis avec une scène musicale créative. Depuis ce fameux album « Sympathique » en 1997, le groupe ou plutôt l’orchestre car ils sont plus de...
Written on 24 December 2014, 00.00
museums-in-vietnam-the-feeling-of-emptiness Texte et photos de Quang Lam published in the Guide magazine, Almanac 2014 The first museums in Vietnam were built by the French, who were keen to justify their presence in Indochina by developing a cultural policy that expressed the benefits of colonization.They were dedicated to...
Written on 25 September 2014, 00.00
backstage-htv-7-fashion-show- Fashion Show "Thời Trang và Nhân Vật" organized by the TV Channel HTV7  in the 25th September 2014.  
Written on 05 August 2014, 00.00
commercial-samsung-this-is-living-with-tpg-production I had the chance to be embedded in TPG production  in the filming for Samsung products. "For the release of three new high-end Samsung products in Viet Nam, TPG Films got the chance to work with Leo Burnett to create high quality lifestyle pieces for event and online distribution. Appearing...
Written on 04 August 2014, 00.00
editorial-coffee-from-dalat-in-search-for-the-brown-gold Article and photos by Quang Lam, published in the Guide magazine, issue August 2014 Quality is the focus of a new coffee production chain aimed at bringing the best out of every bean. Quang LamThe French introduced coffee plantations in Vietnam in the 19th century and the country has since become...

Personal series

Written on 18 October 2015, 00.00
hong-kong-occupied-central-vol-sgnhkg-nov-2014- "Le Voyageur était venu assister aux événements de Hong Kong, lorsque la loupe médiatique avait porté à la Une ce mouvement dès les répressions policières de la première semaine. Jour de fête nationale chinois, il croisait les cohortes de touristes chinois venu du continent pour le paradis...
Written on 14 April 2014, 00.00
hue-festival-2014 Portfolio Hue Festival 2014    

Photographer in Vietnam - Studio and INLÊN Photo Gallery at Ho Chi Minh city


This site presents my photographic work and propose an online shop which sells black and white or color fine art photography at an affordable price. My main purpose is to share a common passion for photography.

Snapshot and Storytelling

Like any art, a picture is the result of a work that combines technology and creativity. In particular, the photographer must be immersed in the study area. He is constantly interacting with his subject. The result depends on his ability to feel this unique moment of shooting. In this way, each photo and each photographer are unique despite a mechanical tool.

My methodology uses a storytelling approach whithin photo series which allows an better understanding, visually and conceptually. 

About me

Born in 1968 in Saigon (Vietnam), I navigate between european and asian cultures. Specialized in communication, media and image, I am now established as a free-lance photographer in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). My work focuses on the documentation of contemporary life in South-East Asia and Asia.

For the technical part, I'm also consultant at DxO Labs Image Science, leader in the digital image industrie and editor of DxO Optics Pro and FilmPack imaging software.


INLÊN Photo Gallery: art prints in  Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon

1-galerie-eclipse-saigon-entrance.jpg 2-galerie-eclipse-saigon.jpg 3-galerie-eclipse-saigon.jpg  

For more information, please go to the website INLÊN Photo Gallery

Studio Photo at Ho Chi Minh City  - Professional works

Here is an overview of my works whose style can be characterized by empathy for human subjects and a graphic bias that doesn’t misrepresent the reality.

For more photos, please click here to see the last professional shootings

You can read more about my studio photo facilities and equipment.


Hotels, restaurants - interior

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Fashion - Lifestyle

fashion-01.jpg fashion-02.jpg fashion-03.jpg fashion-04.jpg fashion-05.jpg fashion-06.jpg fashion-13-Dress-Designer-Chan-May-IMG_8360.jpg fashion-15-Dress-Designer-Chan-May-IMG_8886.jpg fashion-16-hoi-an-ao-dai-designer-le-thanh-phuong-IMG_0464_DxO.jpg fashion-17-hoi-an-ao-dai-designer-le-thanh-phuong-IMG_0720_DxO.jpg fashion-18-hoi-an-ao-dai-designer-le-thanh-phuong-IMG_0639_DxO.jpg fashion-19-ao-dai-designer-le-thanh-phuong-IMG_0720_DxO.jpg fashion-20-ao-dai-designer-le-thanh-phuong-IMG_0720_DxO.jpg fashion-21-ao-dai-designer-le-thanh-phuong-IMG_0720_DxO.jpg fashion-22.jpg fashion-23.jpg fashion-24.jpg fashion-25.jpg fashion-26-art-installation-01.jpg fashion-27-art-installation-05.jpg



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Magazine - Travel



ShowBiz, Events and Liveshows

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Studio, packshot, cooking

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Corporate and image databank

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